What is Zillios?

Zillios is the next generation international real estate platform, revolutionary and highly innovative. Zillios completely changes the way the real estate market operates providing a state of the art scalable infrastructure to all key stakeholders, including smart contract based features to tackle current inefficiencies in rental and buying processes. Blockchain-based property transfer is foreseen in Zillios´ technology providing a future-proof infrastructure.

Huge Offer

1.000.000+ properties for sale and rent in over 500 regions around the world

Auction Bidding

Innovative Cost per click system allowing geo positioned bidding

Transparency & Control

Transparent and accesible property portal for every type of agent

Zillios benefits per stakeholder

Homeowners benefit from:

  • Free property listing without need of an agent
  • Easy access to international buyers
  • Efficient blockchain direct deal closing processes
  • Individual, flexible and affordable property promotion

Holiday homeowners benefit from:

  • Bookings without portal/agent commissions
  • Full control of rental payments
  • Comprehensive booking system
  • Trusted third party rental service providers

Property agents benefit from:

  • Unlimited free property listings and leads
  • Easy access to international buyers
  • Efficient blockchain deal closing processes
  • Geo based flexible and affordable property promotion

Buyers benefit from:

  • One-stop-shop international property portal
  • Transparent and efficient deal closing process
  • Trusted third party assistance
  • Smart tools and property buying guides

Vacation rental agents benefit from:

  • 0% commission vacation rental bookings
  • Full control of rental payments
  • Flexible, date-based vacation homes promotion
  • Efficient rental processes based on blockchain

Vacation renters benefit from:

  • Transparent rental booking with 0% commission
  • Direct booking
  • Trusted booking and deposit through smart contracts
  • Access to additional vacation services

Third party benefit from:

  • Access to real estate stakeholders
  • Qualified leads
  • Branding & promotion
  • Big data & real estate market insights
  • API connectivity

Token sale

Zillios token is the driver of a comprehensive ecosystem bringing together all key players in one global real estate platform. The Zillios token combines premium utilities with rewards for qualitative participation to enhance its real estate ecosystem for property rental and sales.

Attention! PUBLIC SALE is postponed until further notice


04 Oktober 2019


Postponed until further notice

Acceptable currencies



10.000.000 USD

Token Symbol


Number of tokens for sale


Tokens exchange rate

0.03125 USD

Minimal transaction amount

250 USD


2.500.000 USD

Time untill launch:

Zillios Videos

Zillios offers a platform with full infrastructure serving all key players in property buying and holiday rental. Zillios offers free access to great technology and transparent costs for fully controllable and flexible marketing spend. Zillios puts an end to unclear costs, monthly fees and high commissions, the business model of current leading portals.

White paper

Zillios beta is Live!

The beta version of Zillios is live at Zillios.com, containing the basic functionalities of the platform with already over 1 million houses for sale and for rent. With the proceeds of Zillios token sale, Zillios will develop blockchain code to enable full portal functionality as described in this Whitepaper. Before 31 July 2019 the Zillios.com platform will be launched with a full functional GEO search and PPC model.


At poc.zillios.io we brought an environment online to show our development that will enable the technology that drives the ZLST token. We want to show in understandable way the underlaying technologies used to build towards an technological infrastructure used to integrate blockchain technologies with the real estate world. This environment is a work and progress and will updated almost daily. The private blockchain infrastructure with the needed smart contract's is fully deployed. We currently work on an even better end user experience and more private blockchain registrations. Our next will be to develop private house ownerships and house rental details all registrated in blockchain smartcontracts. Follow us to pe part of our development.


Regulated Initial Coin Offering Team

Drawin Lokesh Janki

ICO manager

Dennis Oliver Vos

Lead Community Manager

Yves Leon

Compliance Officer & MLRO

Sebastiaan v/d Doel

Blockchain Developer

Eric Carbijn

Digital Strategy/Security advisor

Marc Ellul

Legal Advisor

Kevin Yunai

Strategic business advisor Zillios Ltd

Louis Donkers

Advisor Real Estate

Dirk Kriek

ICT Test Engineer

Team Zillios.com

Rogier Melkman

Ceo Real estate portal zillios sl

Henk Jan Bergevoet

Founder Zillios.com

Sander van Zutphen

Co Founder Zillios.com

Caroline Conradi

Operations Manager

Serhii Tsapushel


Pali Sebök

Board Advisor

Guy ten Bruggencate

QA Engineer

Sergio Pereira

Blockchain Architect

Alberto C Cañada

Blockchain Engineer


Zillios Ltd.

Suite 7

Hadfield House

Library Street

GX 11 1AA



Zillios Limited located in Gibraltar

Zillios has chosen to set up its business in Gibraltar in march 2018, because of their engagement and willingness to adopt new technologies, like blockchain. The Gibraltar regulatory framework will give consumers the protection of knowing that these ICO-based businesses will be regulated and actively supervised.
This is the type of environment Zillios wants to operate in. It will give our customers confidence in our products and services which will be provided in accordance with EU-compliant high standards, like anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements. We are fully committed to operating in Gibraltar and we are putting everything in place to comply with Gibraltar’s pending regulatory regime. For more information, see our Whitepaper.
Zillios is counting with Marc Ellul as Legal Advisor. Marc X. Ellul is currently Chairman of the Gibraltar Finance Centre Council, having been elected in July 2018. Mr. Ellul has 25 years’ experience as a Gibraltar lawyer. He is the Managing Partner of Ellul & Co. and heads the firm’s fintech team.
Mr. Ellul is actively involved in blockchain work in Gibraltar advising on the set-up of regulated cryptocurrency exchanges, token sale (ICOs) and on the establishment of digital asset investment funds.